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Las Aventuras de Macho Caballo


James Eades

Part I - Origins

Uno - The Spirit of the Spring

Dos - To Market

Tres - Waiting for Papa

Quatro - Romancing the Horse

Cinco - A Shadow at the Fiesta

Seis - Gains and Losses

Siete - Strolling Through the Market

Ocho - Even Cinderella Had a Ball

Nueve - False Trails and Bad Roads

Diez - Of Secret Aims and Bargains

Once - The Shell Game

Doce - The Rescues Begin

Trece - The Thing at the Top of the Stairs

Catorce - I Will Not Leave Her Alone on the Mount

Part II - The Search for the Sister

Chapter Quince
Chapter Diez y seis
Chapter Diez y siete
Chapter Diez y ocho
Chapter Diez y nueve
Chapter Veinte
Chapter Veintiuno
Chapter Veintidos
Chapter Veintitres
Chapter Veinticuatro
Chapter Veinticinco
Chapter Veintiseis
Chapter Veintisiete
Chapter Veintiocho
Chapter Veintinueve
Chapter Treinta
Chapter Treinta y uno
Chapter Treinta y dos
Chapter Treinta y tres