Drawings Of Rumiko Takahashi's INUYASHA


Lyn Daniel

And Links To Inuyasha

1. Inuyasha Watercolor. 114K

2. Inuyasha, pinned to a tree by a magical arrow. 43K

3. Shippou, a kitsune, with Inuyasha and Kagome.

4. Kagome yelling "Osuwari!" ("Sit!") to Inuyasha. b&w ink. 80K

5. Inuyasha, responding to Kagome's command! 163K

6. Inuyasha, wondering what is around his neck. 67K

7. Inuyasha and Kagome. 30K

8. Kagome and Kaede. b&w ink. 121K

Links To Inuyasha

Chris Rijk's Inuyasha page---scans, translation, cultural information, everything!

Peter Verrey's The Inuyasha Clubhouse---pictures, reviews, news, and more!

Sasuga Japanese Bookstore. Purchase the manga. $6.50 + $4 first book, 50 cents second book shipping costs.


Ryoga and P-chan asleep.

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Inuyasha is copyrighted by Rumiko Takahashi, author/artist; Shogakukan in Japan;
and Viz Communications, Inc. in North America.

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